Be a Partners Card Retailer!

How to participate:

  • Fill out your application to participate
  • Applications must be received by Aug 4, 2018 for inclusion in the Partners Card WF directory and marketing brochure.
  • Businesses can still participate in the program after Aug 4, 2018, by filling out an application online, but inclusion in the directory and marketing materials is not guaranteed. 

Retailer Agreement:

  • We understand that Christ Counseling Ministry assumes no liability with Partners Card Wichita Falls or otherwise.
  • Each Partners Card Wichita Falls has a cash value of $50.  We agree to be responsible for the total value of the Partners Cards Wichita Falls in our possession and the funds received from card sales. We will hold in trust said cards and funds until remitted to Christ Counseling Ministry.
  • We understand that we are responsible to pay Christ Counseling Ministry for the cash value of lost, stolen or misplaced cards.
  • The Partners Card Wichita Falls retail application is subject to review and approval  for each individual business.  We understand the submission of this application does not guarantee our participation in the 2018 Partners Card Wichita Falls program.

100% of any Partners Card WF purchase goes directly to supporting Christ Counseling Ministry.

Here’s how it works:

  • Individuals purchase a Partners Card WF for $50 with cash, check or CC from participating retailers and Christ Counseling Ministry.
  • The Partners Card WF entitles shopper to a 20% discount from October 17 – 27, 2018 at participating retailers.
  • Merchandise cannot be discounted in advance or held for purchase before the first day of Partners Card WF begins.
  • Partners Card WF is not valid with any other offer unless permitted by the participating business.
  • Partners Cards WF are non-transferable.
  • Card bearer must present signed card at the time of purchase. Retailers should check valid ID to discourage card sharing.
  • Layaway payments are not honored under the Partners Card WF discount.
  • Special orders are not subject to discount unless permitted by the participating business.
  • Discount is ONLY valid at participating locations listed in the Partners Card WF booklet.
  • Exclusions to the Partners Card WF can be made by any participating business.

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